Mission Reports

Individual mission report pages:
The Spiral Drain
Kilmer Cutoff
Terminal Submersible
Assiar Sewer
Lawson Singletrack
Davies Drain
Douglas Darkie
Mckinnon Crouch
Cadomin Cave
Norwood Foundry
East Deer Line
Tall Winding Hall
To The End of the World
Return to Rat Creek
Leaky Barrel Bypass
Northberm's Throat
Third Floor Forks
Black Curtain
Caulkgrinder (Sun Room)
Neon Dungeon
Bowker's Tomb
Home by Numbers
When it Rains
Thunder Road
Roper Split

PDF Articles

Multi-page reports, download and view in PDF format. Includes previous Unseen Chapter series. Warning: large file sizes.

Outfall Zine #1 (6.47Mb) - New, June 2014

Mysterious Maison Saint-Joseph (0.9Mb)
Long Dark in the Monarch Mine (2.5Mb)
Chemical Hills Ranch (1.8Mb)
The Marion 360 (1.0Mb)
The Monarch Mine (2.6Mb)
The Argyll Co-Op (1.0Mb)
Kingsway Motor Hotel (1.0Mb)
QESDP3b (1.2Mb)

Roadtrip Websites

Stand-alone featurette websites that contain mission reports from a few exploration road trips I've been on. Be warned: Although I have made an effort to ensure most of the content remained accessible in its original form, some files/images/stylesheets/links might not work.
Thorns, Drains, & Spiders (Vancouver & Victoria)
Seven Days in Saskatchewan (Southern Saskatchewan)
Fall Foray (Southern Alberta)
Impetus (Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto)
Winter Blur (Calgary)
Surge (Greater Vancouver)